Nov 17 2017

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Workflow 11/17/17

I am trying to build a workflow to get content from TLR up on to the web. I have the pictures and text part sorted (hence the blog posts) but I am stymied with audio.

I am happy to host audio files on the lbhsound.com website for now as we do not have a lot of traffic. We will need to host elsewhere if any of our tracks become popular.

I just discovered that SoundCloud is placing ads in the middle of songs. And they have terrible customer service. And their website for managing media sux. I do >>NOT<< want to host audio files on their service. Ugh!

While Alphabet is horrible around privacy and I don’t like using any of their services, I am not completely opposed to hosting the audio on YouTube. If we do that, we need to include the added step of converting the .wav/.mp3 into a video file.

Thoughts are appreciated.

Current workflow
(Note the absence of all audio treatment.)

1) Record board audio through X32. Take pix/video of all sessions. Note interesting activities.

2) Download all media to computer.

3) Crop a single favorite picture to 1200×250 for the post header image.

4) Upload photos/video.

5) Create blog post and link to photos/video.

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  1. Dave

    Mixcloud? Seems in line with DJ sets in particular.

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