Nov 12 2017

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Session 009 with lots of folks

It was Saturday night and Vince wanted to party. We rallied the troops.

Mike and I were the first to arrive at 4pm to begin tuning the system. Teph and Matt came over and started banging on the drums. Vince brought his coffin and Cali showed up with his swank new mixer for everyone to test out. Dave broke out his camera while Jonathan and Bar mixed us some libations. Keith eventually arrived and carried us through the night with his tunes. We ended up closing shop just before 5am.

Photos by Dave Lloyd.

Session 009 With Lycan Catt – TLR Mix 1 (Melodic Techno)

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  1. Teph

    Nice shots and it was sounding GOOD! Just to be clear Mat and I did occasionally hit the drums….

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