Monthly Archive: January 2022

Jan 24 2022

01-08-22 Bike Party

Bike Party 01-08-22 (Fusion Public URL File)

Bike Party 01-08-22 (Fusion Local File)

17 Wide 15.5 Deep 26 Tall

Latest design. Enjoy.

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Jan 20 2022

Final steel

Headed out to USA Metals and picked up (8) 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 16 gauge tubing to be used to shore up the floor and add some more trussing.

A couple of days of work and some timely assistance from Jeff and the damage done by running into my driveway Oak tree (NOTE: …

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Jan 05 2022

01-05-22 – Prius Sub

01-05-22 – Prius Sub (Public Fusion Link)

01-05-22 – Prius Sub (Zip File)

I currently have a 12″ sub box in my Prius. Mike and I wanted to design a similar box in Fusion that looked a little better and had a flat bottom.

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