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May 15 2020

No middle seam

It sure would be nice if the front of the mask was a single piece of fabric without a middle seam. This would allow for much larger patterns and customized placement of design elements.

Sounds like a fun project. Better get one of my cats involved.

I cut out the two inside …

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May 14 2020

120 hours and the “Jesse Mask“

It’s taken me about 120 hours and I am finally producing masks that I like. I’ve tried well over a dozen designs in addition to the 20-something designs from Tsan and modifications I attempted. At first the sewing and cutting was a challenge. Recently, it has been the fit and assembly process that I have …

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Dec 02 2019

Change Log – 12/02/19

Starting a change log for the speakers. Should have been doing this from the beginning but… programmers are terrible about documentation. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.



• Increased width and depth of jack_plate_inset by 2 mm as the existing values …

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Sep 19 2018

PB18 – 09-19-18

We are releasing another open source version of the PB18 today. The cabinet is:

22.5 wide 25 tall 31.5 deep

The weight for the wood is about 65 pounds. With the driver and all hardware, this box comes in under 90 lbs.


PB18 (Fusion 360 Download Link)

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Jun 11 2018

PB 18

PB 18

Ported Bass 18″ 06/11/18

Designed by Mike Hatt of Ivan Sound.

Fusion 360 modeling by Ulan McKnight of LBH Sound.

This file is free to use in any way that you see fit. It would be nice if you shared any modifications/upgrades/insights with the community but there is no requirement to do so.

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Jun 10 2018

Notes on Dogbones – 06/10/18

The Dogbone script is an invaluable add-on to Fusion 360 that allows us to CAM corners. Thank you Mr. Rogers! You have saved me countless hours of time and you update the files regularly. You are a true Open Source Hero in my book!!

The most important thing to know about dogbones is that you, …

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