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What we do:

Little Bass Heads Sound System (LBH Sound) builds custom sound solutions.

The Process:

1) Identify a problem
2) Explore existing options
3) Define custom solution design parameters
4) Locate audio components
5) Design cabinets in Fusion 360
6) Create cabinets and install audio components
7) Test and modify design/audio components


Festival Sound System (2015 – Present)
Tuba 60 (2016-Present)
Farfalle Gustose Sound System (2017-Present)
Backyard BBQ (2018-Present)
Passive Radiator (2019)
Bike Party (2020 – Present)
Boom Box (2020) (2019)

THAM15 (2021 – Present)

Privacy Policy

Little Bass Heads collects no personal data on visitors and shares this non-existent data with no one.

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