Jan 27 2020

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Tasty Humanity

“Food and music are common denominators amongst us all.”
– Lori Wolf

We have a fantastic mural on 51st Street in Oakland, California made by Camille Hoffman. Her art “All Of Mankind” is of four women holding hands and bonded together to share a single body. Her piece was inspired by the “All of Mankind” Cabrini-Green mural, painted in 1972 by famed muralist William Walker. His work shows four people bonded together to form a single body.

“Tasty Humanity” art will focus on food. The purpose of the truck is to bring the tastes of humanity to all participants.

Over the metal skeleton of the mutated vehicle, we will build a wood-based collage of four different eating establishments from around the world. Within the truck, riders will be able to enjoy a tasty snack while meeting new friends in a welcoming and relaxing environment that will reflect the many ways that people share food.

“Tasty Humanity”
The mutant vehicle that unites us by feeding our souls

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