Jan 17 2020

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Articles of clothing?

So I was thinking about what makes us distinctly human as opposed to other living beings on this planet. I focused on our hands and our hearts as representation of our souls. But lots of other living creates have hand-like body parts and hearts.

This got me to focus on how we stylize our hair and actually change our outward appearance for beauty. I don’t know of any other beings groom their hair to look more attractive… but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that some do.

From there I started thinking about hats. I have lots and lots of hats and so I thought; “Hey! Maybe I could affix hats all over the car and create a large sculpture.” Then my mind went to shoes and reflected that people have different foot coverings all over the world. I don’t think any animals make shoes for their feet.

Now I’m thinking about just any kind of clothing. One of the things that makes us different than all other living creatures is that we actually make coverings for functional purposes but also for beauty. While you might be able to define something animals make as ‘clothing’ (I’m thinking about shells or other ‘found’ objects) I don’t believe any other animal will make something to wear that is based solely to make themselves look attractive.

We could collect plant-based clothing from all over the world. I’d like to stay away from any kind of animal products where we have to kill the animal to use it – so no leather or fur or hides or anything. I want to celebrate our humanity, not our ability to be predators. I’m not opposed to wool or other non-deadly materials.

The articles of clothing could tie in with the lights as we could have different clothes light up as participants move their corresponding body parts. We could have sensors that are on each part of our body so when we move our hands different gloves/mittens or some such thing would light up. When you move your feet different shoes or feet covering would light up.

The person who came up with the sensors and the lighting effects is a dancer and she wants to do a dance where the sensors register what part of her body are moving. For example the sensors could monitor if the part of the body is moving up or down, if it’s moving left or right… if it’s twisting.

Maybe the sound volume could be linked to the heartbeat so as the dancer gets more excited the music turns louder.


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