May 31 2022

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In just three days… I can make you an elevated floor!

In just seven days…

Rando blog post title, for sure. Unless you realize I went to Rocky for 32 consecutive showings in High School and the way the story was told (live your life, fly your flag) had a big impact on me.

The title for this post was inspired by something Dave Peters did on Saturday. He, along with Amber and Mark, came early to our work party (Torben popped in later and stayed until the end) and listened to me as I laid out what the plans were for extending the truck bed. I want to incorporate the speakers under the new platform and would like to use more powerful bass speakers but we simply do not have the height clearance. I also shared my lament of not having an uninterrupted dance floor due to the boxes we have to put over the wheels.

“Why not just raise the floor so that it is above the wheels? Have you thought of that?”

Well, no, actually, I had not thought of it. (Thank you very much!)

After discussing this new idea for all of 5 minutes, the four of us at the work party decided Dave had come up with a great solution and we set about making it happen.

Fast forward three days and, with the help of everyone above, Moni, Kelvin, Addy, Dave Lloyd, Stac and Jackson… The Juke Joint now has a brand new raised floor! Along the way a bunch of people either learned to weld for the first time or got to spend time seriously upping their metal game.

And finally, I just found this short video again and it brings me such joy. I want to share it. (And I hope Mamphaso sees this posts, comes to the Burn and allows me to play music for him on the truck. I would love to dance with him!)

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