Mar 31 2021

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The Juke Joint – Burning Man Submission

This post is the resource URL for the Burning Man Mutant Vehicle submission.

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Below are the relevant portions of the actual Burning Man submission:


Mutant Vehicle Short Description

The Juke Joint is a celebration of Black Joy through music, dance, food and community.

Website Blurb

The Juke Joint
Celebrating Black Joy


Richmond, Ca.

Tell us about your vehicle mutation

Juke Joints were originally created after Emancipation as spaces where Black people could feel joy and celebrate music, food and community. Since that time, Black people in the USA have created unique gathering places to meet and greet each other and to share a bit of love.

The Juke Joint continues this tradition on the playa by taking our community space on the road for all to enjoy.

We will take a 1985 Ford F-250 Diesel, cut off the truck bed and construct a new 8′ wide by 10′ long by 8′ tall steel box behind the cab. We will attach a 8x4x4 box to the front of the structure to ride above the cab. Additionally, we will attach two foot wide “platforms” to the sides and rear to accommodate additional revelers and support our sound system and lights.

Our team includes more than 10 artists from all walks of life who will create a traveling Juke Joint stocked with examples of art that bring happiness and solace. We plan to focus on items particular to the African-American experience including inviting architecture, radiant signage and bright lights, relaxed seating, posters and bills depicting important moments in Black life, kitchen items, microphones and musical instruments (acoustic and electronic), literature, etc.

We will host evening gatherings in camp and take the show on the road at night giving rides to all and offering to share in our Black Joy.

What is the intent of your mutant vehicle?

Precious little Burning Man art speaks to the experience of living as Black people in the USA. The Juke Joint will be instantly recognizable by Black Burners as a welcoming space and a piece of art specifically focused on Black people and musical environments that we create.

The Juke Joint is first and foremost a space for Black people to experience happiness and comfort, a place for Black people to lay their burdens down, rest, dance, listen to great music, share a meal and be in community.

The Juke Joint will also help non-Black burners participate in and experience a bit of Black culture. The hope is that everyone walks away realizing that we are all human and all part of the same family.

Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (RIDE) scale


RIDE Details

Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity are the reason we are building this art.

The people designing, building, bringing and performing are chosen because of their diversity and commitment to inclusivity and equity. We are creating a welcoming space free from oppression and discrimination while encouraging everyone to speak with their true voice and to share their lived experience with our community.

We are bringing together the incredible knowledge of more than half a dozen Black artists (both Veteran Burners and Virgins) to research, inform and build the vehicle.

Added to this group is over a dozen builders from marginalized groups. We exclude no one as a number of our central organizers are White. And while we all work together to realize a single goal, we understand that our focus is on creating a space for Black Burners to feel seen and heard that is welcoming to all.

Lighting Plans

The rear entrance will be illuminated by a large “Welcome” sign that can be seen from far away. The porch light will cast light on to the steps and the porch railings will be lit from below. The entire undercarriage will have a soft glow to imply that the art is floating on air.

The main stage will be flooded with light. Lights will hang from the rafters and the windows in the doors covering the driver and passenger entrances will be lit from behind. Above the passenger side of the stage we will install a large lit sign with the name of the Juke Joint (currently Sugar Shack but that may change).

Rounding the front of the vehicle, we will light the side panel planks from behind for the light to seep through. The hood will be covered with a street lamp that will cast a wide glow. The front grill will have illuminated instruments.

The drivers side will incorporate lights casting down on the library and informational art showing the history of Juke Joints in the USA.

Is your vehicle street legal?


Vehicle Length

21 feet

Vehicle Width


Vehicle Height


Vehicle Frame Base

Ford F-250 Diesel

Vehicle Weight




How big is your sound system?

We will have a Level II sound system defined as a Dance Club or Theatre (90 dB and up 100ft)

Sound Impact Remediation

The driver will control the master volume and will always keep the music down when passing sensitive art and within city limits. The main sound person will have a sound meter on the at all times to ensure sound compliance. All operators will be well versed in what rules to follow around sound and to make sure we are good sound citizens. As a crew, we strive to bring happiness and are quite aware that sometimes that means we turn the sound completely off.

Will the Juke Joint have a bar?


Will passengers be able to stand while the vehicle is driving?


Design Safety

The Juke Joint is a culmination of learning from building half a dozen licensed mutant vehicles. Safety has been part of planning of every aspect of the vehicle.

We are designing it to be a manageable size, so it is easy to drive safely on the playa. We are designing it to be a single floor, with walls and railings that prevent people from falling. Our skirt is a vast improvement over past designs, and it will go lower and cover even more of the back wheel area. We are allowing a single entry point in the rear as we found that to be safer than a side entrance. We are also including substantial railings and steps that are more narrow so people can hold on with both hands when getting on and off.

The art on the truck will be secure to give participants places to hold on while are moving. We will have no sharp edges and nothing that can cut someone if they fell on it. The railing on the passenger side of the stage will be high enough to stop anyone from falling off. The drivers side will be a wall of art that will not allow people to fall off. The “cubby” above the diver’s cab will be framed on three sides to make sure sleeping passengers can’t roll off.

Does your Mutant Vehicle have a steam boiler of any type?


Are you using lasers on your Mutant Vehicle?


Do you have any flame effects?


Do you have any combustibles?


Camp Name

The Juke Joint

Camp Details

We may camp with another theme camp but cannot commit at this time. In 2019 we camped with Numbskull and before that with Nectar Village and with Pongo Lounge as well as our own camp. We are exploring all options at this time.

Regardless of where we camp, we strive to create a small footprint that allows visitors on the mutant vehicle(s) even when they are in camp as they are fun to interact with.

Our actual camp always has a private section for living and a large public section to welcome visitors.

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