Sep 26 2017

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TLR – Richmond

“TLR is amazing!”

Yes, it is.

It took me a bit over an hour to get Cali sorted on the turntables. I would say he had a solid 2.5 hours of mixing on his new toy. Vince and Jessica showed up with some bubblies and, together with Sheri and Cali, we all celebrated our new space.

All the required equipment is finally ‘working’. Now is the fun part (for me anyway) because we get to tune the room with our current speakers – and hopefully some new ones I should be cutting and building in the coming weeks. Can’t wait!

So, the room is open and available for play. Please let me know if you want to come by for a spin. Note: There is plenty of work for non-dj’s. And, as Vince pointed out, we are starting work on revamping both trucks and all artwork. Don’t feel left out, we have work for everyone 🙂

For the near future, I would like to be there when folks are performing as I haven’t quite got the ‘lay of the land’ with our new landlords and neighbors just yet and I don’t want to piss anyone off.

Little Bass Heads Sound System (LBH) – The Listening Room – Richmond (LTR) has now experienced its first official gig! Thank you Cali, for opening the spot in a fine style and giving us our own private People Party!

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