Dec 03 2017

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TLR Event 001 – Session 013

The Listening Room (TLR) hosted our first ‘Event’ to celebrate the triumphant return of Khady and Orhan, Orhan’s birthday and the goodness of life itself.

Mike and I started early in the day fixing sound and cleaning Farfalle Gustose. Jessica and Vince showed up before 6 to add even more fantastic art and to get the party going. Kat and Dave brought the video magic and went to town. Then a whole gaggle of people appeared out of nowhere. We finally kicked Keith off the decks just before 5am.

Quite the Night™

Session 013 – Part 1 (download)

Session 013 – Part 2 (download)

Session 013 with Vincent Meza, David Alumbaugh and Lycan Catt (download)

Session 013 with Charles Vickery (download)

Session 013 with Keith Cich – Late Nite (download)

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