Nov 04 2017

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Session 007 with Adira and Josh Aufhauser

Adira wanted a painting party. Josh dutifully applied for the ‘party’ portion while Adira and I focused on the painting.

It was great to reconnect with Missy and Kenny. They brought along Charlie (Margot had to stay behind) who mixed up some fantastic cocktails supplied from his playa-ready case. Robin came by to show us some dance moves and check out the spot. Hopefully he will join us for a future session to spin some vinyl. Matt and Sara found a babysitter(!) and joined the festivities. Matt applied his considerable sound chops to tune the bass end a bit. Good on ya! And Sheri, as per usual, danced the night away while being the consumate host.

Just as we were all shutting down, Dave arrived directly off a flight from Dallas and spun a few tunes to send us all off into the night.

Yet another glorious evening at TLR. Thank you one and all.

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