Jun 29 2022

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Rebar vs Lag Bolts

Rebar vs. Lag bolts

This really shouldn’t be a discussion anymore. Rebar sux. It weighs a lot and causes all manner of terrible injuries. You have to candy-cane the end an/or use tennis balls or something bright so folx don’t harm themselves walking by. You can fashion your own rebar puller to get them out but most people use a specialized tool that is heavy and only has a singe use.

Lag bolts work better for just about everything and in just about every way. Spend the money. Get lag bolts. Period.

An impact hammer (with a couple of spare batteries if you have a big camp) is all you need to get them in and out. You can use a socket wrench – just make sure you have an extension (pvc tube or a 2+ foot pipe work great) for once most of the bolt is in the ground. One person can start all the bolts and another can follow behind and sink them all the way in. Do >>NOT<< have anything sticking up or you will trip over it and hurt yourself. Plus, the deeper you sink the bolt, the stronger it is at holding your stuff down.

eplaya rebar vs. lag

Put it back in, baby.

That is bomber!

$1.78/each (BoltDepot)

$1.30/foot (Chain – you want 2 links on each bolt to tie in to)

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