Mar 25 2021

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Juke Joint – Treatment #1

This post includes a bit of media to capture the feeling we are trying to create.

The focus is to create an art piece that is

1) Welcoming to Black people
2) A celebratory space for Black people
3) A place for Black Joy to run freely

We strive to celebrate Black culture in a safe and inclusive manner with a particular focus on the historic role of Juke Joints in bringing people together to share music, food and community.

The art of The Juke Joint is an attempt at >>ART<< creating a more welcoming environment. The people who interact with the art can work to make the Burning Man event more welcoming to Black people with the art as a supportive element.

But art can only do so much. It will always come down to the people and how the people walk through the world.

Dave’s Juke Joint Pinterest Page

Will Little Juke Joint Smithsonian Installation

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