Jun 12 2019

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Backyard BBQ

The LBH Backyard BBQ System is a custom, three-cabinet solution for portable sound. LBH DJ and Building Sound Community Board Member, Keith Cich, asked us to design a portable system with the following specifications:

1) Comfortably fits inside his Mini Cooper to create events anywhere he can reach by car
2) The best possible sound for an outdoor party with lots of bass
3) Quick and easy setup

After months of experimentation and at least a dozen revisions, we have settled on Version 1 as of today, June 12, 2019!


The Backyard BBQ is powered by the excellent B-52 Matrix-1500 Plate Amplifier. The dimensions for the bass “Sub” cabinet are tweaked to exactly house this unit along with a single Beyma SM-115k 15″ bass speaker. Additionally, we power two “Top” cabinets that each house a Beyma 10CMV2 10″ mid-bass speaker, a Faital 1″ pro neodymium driver with an attached WG101 tweeter horn, an Eminence PXB2-2K5CX crossover and a L-Pad Attenuator.

We use standard handles for the bass cabinet and a sleek right angle handle for the tops. The cabinets are connected using NL4 connectors and flexible 25 foot lengths of 2-conductor black speaker cable. All cabinets have four rubber feet.

Sheets of plywood are used as cabinet material: 3/4″ for the amp/sub box and 1/2″ for the tops. The boxes are assembled using wood glue and brads. We have experimented with everything from inexpensive Home Depot pine for $35/sheet all the way up to $250 Plyboo renewable bamboo! The amp/sub cabinet uses an entire sheet and each top uses just under 1/3 of a sheet (just on 2/3 of a sheet total). The systems we choose not to paint are treated with Rubio Monocoat. For our touring rigs that need maximum surface protection, we use Dupli-Color TRG252 Black Truck Bed Coating.

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