May 03 2021

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Welcome sign

We are designing the back sign that will welcome everyone on board. I would like to create a sign that is 6-8 feet wide that is welcoming to Black people. I think it should be funny or have some levity and I want it to be unique – something only The Juke Joint would have.

Care to share your thoughts?

Caroline suggested:

Get In!

as the “Welcome” sign at the back of the truck. I simply LOVE it!! Sooooo many great meanings. >>AND<<, as she correctly points out, it is completely different than other mutant vehicles that try to limit people. She also likes “Hop On” as an homage to the Lindy Hop. Maybe have “Hop On” spinning around the top of the sign.

I think most Black burners would instantly get it.

Then Sheri said:

I also like “Get On Up!” Which would be a double entendre and a tribute to James Brown!


Why choose?!? Let’s do even more! We need signs all over the truck so…

I think

• One giant sign in the rear drivers side that people can see from behind.

• Sugar Shack (or something) as the main marquee – like how Kalliope does it.

• We need a sign for the library on the driver’s side wall.

• People need to know they are welcome on the hood of the truck to dance and to play the instruments hanging off the front bumper.

We will have lots of room for signage!!


And this ☝🏾☝🏾 folx is how collaboration is done. I love working with all of you! So creative 🥰💪🏾

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