Mar 13 2021

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Is that Ulan-proofed?

I set the CNC table on fire Friday. It got really bad because our two fire extinguishers were empty. I ended up throwing water on the 9″ diameter burn. If the flame retardant stuff hadn’t worked, we could have lost the table.

I built the new Bike Party system (complete with the charred door for street-cred), wired it all up and then my dyslexic, color-blind, ADHD-distracted self connected the positive red wire to the negative black terminal on the battery. Even with a fuse in the line, these LiFePO4 batteries discharge so quickly the EQ was fried in less than the second it took to sever the connection.

UGH!!! 😭😭😭

I have now ordered two DIFFERENT size and color spade connectors. The blue ones are going on the black/negative and the yellow goes on the red/positive. AND I am wrapping the blue negative in BLACK electrical tape and the yellow positive in RED tape. AND I am going to make the lead from the positive battery two inches longer. AND the positive connections meeting it in the box is going to have a fuse right on the damned wire!!!

So tired of doing this stupid shit. So lame.

Ulan-proofed indeed!

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