Nov 21 2020

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How many amps?

I would be lost without my Burning Man friends. Special thanks go to Erich Rienecker from Pongo Lounge and Ilya Polyakov of Icarus.

Sulaiman is throwing a weekly social-distancing gig at Lake Merrit with a similar mobile rig and was nice enough to estimate that our system probably pulls about 3amps. Mike was surprised by that number and guessed it could be as high as 30 or even 40 amps. Me? I didn’t even know how to use a multimeter to figure it out.

Well, nothing like a project to learn critical skills and new knowledge. @ 80% volume we have spikes of 20 amps. What fun!

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  1. Vincent Meza

    Those look good, do they fill the area at the Columns?

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