Dec 06 2020

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Getting closer

After over a dozen iterations, we are closing in on an overall design that is feeling good. The 3 photos below shows two of the first 4 builds along with the current 12-03-20 version.

We are using 1/2” Baltic Birch plywood and just the wood weighs in at 38lbs.

Fully loaded, the Bike Party box weighs almost 70lbs!

Switching up to use the parametric EQ was exactly the right move. Without question, this is the best sounding battery powered box I have heard. It is simply amazing.

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  1. Asolthane

    – wow, 38 lbs for the box! Does that include the weight of the wheels built in?

    – how many batteries does it hold?

    – it looks like the cavity for the eq and batteries is huge.

    – when can I hear it

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