Oct 16 2020

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Bike Party 10-16-20

So we are hard at working creating a new speaker for Bike Party events. We are modeling it around the EcoXGear EcoBoulder which we have a number of and love. The main issues with the EcoBoulder are that it is not Open Source and the bass is lacking. We are not called Little Bass Heads for nothing!

Our current design uses all car audio parts and a $70 12v motorcycle battery for power. The unit incorporates two 6×9 drivers and a single 12″ for bass. The battery, head unit and amp live in an internal cabinet with a door for easy access.

We are currently trying to figure out how much internal volume we need to deliver the bass response we seek. Below are some notes to Mike that I figured I would share with the world.

Here is a link to the current Fusion file: (bike-party-10-16-20 v3.f3d). I’m also including some images.

We have four boxes of empty air inside the speaker. We have one that is above the back cabinet. One is on each side of the back cabinet. And we have a fourth box of air between the back cabinet and the tops. I am calling these boxes, in order:

Top Box
Side Left
Side Right

The internal dimensions are (all rounded for simplicity)

Width: 14.5
Height: 21.7
Cabinet Width: 9
Cabinet Height: 15.5
Cabinet Depth: 6.5


Top Box

5 (high) x 14.5 (wide) x 6.5 (deep)


Side Left (same as Side Right)

15.5 x 3 x 6.5



14.5 x 21.7 x .65


Note: Every inch in depth we add to the speaker adds an additional 314 to this total.

471 + 302 + 302 + 204 = 1279

12x12x12 = 1,728

1279/1727 = .74 cuft

If we increase the speaker from 12” deep to 13, we get 1279 + 314 = 1593 / 1728 = .92 cuft
If we increase the speaker from 12” deep to 14, we get 1279 + 628 = 1907 / 1728 = 1.1 cuft
If we increase the speaker from 12” deep to 15, we get 1279 + 942 = 2221 / 1728 = 1.28 cuft

In short, we almost double our internal volume by increasing the depth by 3 inches. Mike, you have to tell me what you want to try first. I can cut multiple boxes at one time so we can try any size you wish, but I would like to know what the shallowest box we should try. And should we step up the depth by 1/2 an inch of a full inch for the second box?

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