Jan 14 2020

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Artistic inspiration for our 2020 mutant vehicle

Human beings are all one race, all one species. We are humans. Yet much of the world separates one kind of human from another. People in power define themselves as different than those without. People are split by religion, color, class, geographic boundaries, sexual orientation, gender and a whole menu of other fake definitions that have zero relevance to understanding that we are all part of one large village.

I want to create an art piece that ties the humanity of all people together. I want it to show and represent than what really matters is our love for our fellow humans and that when we take power out of human interactions, we can all, naturally, see each other as part of our human community.

The art will be mixed media. It will be based in wood but will contain electronics and triggers that are connected to lights and sound. As the playa participants dance and move to music, the art piece will come alive and respond directly to human input. The resulting patterns will act to demonstrate the humanity of us all. We are all one people, we are all related, we are all one family.

This art will lay on top of the metal skeleton frame of our mutant vehicle. At some point on the playa during Burning Man 2020, we will take the art off of the vehicle and burn it.


Are you kidding?! I’m very excited and honored to be on this list!

Can you help us with the conception of the actual art? I normally come up with the general idea of the art by asking lots of people what they want to see. Then, we all gather around and pick from the ideas and refine them. It’s how we came up with the original ‘Lobata’ idea for Unaverz.

What does the statement above look like to you?

Glenn wants to attach sensors to participants and have lights and sound react as they move. The entire LBH crew will assist in creating an interactive sound system to take inputs from these sensors an integrate the information into a soundscape. We have some fantastic tech. We are currently exploring the artistic expression of how to build these ideas into a mutant vehicle.

How do we show the connectedness of all humans using our skills and this tech? How do we show that even if we appear different using simple definitions… that we are all alike and all part of a big family? Our differences show our individuality and are important to be seen. But only in so far as they help us to grow and love more.

I want to create an art piece that shows that we are all one human family. How do we do this? What does this art look like?

PS: I am going to use “Humanity” as our working title for the truck.

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