Jun 03 2022

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Middle PB18 – 12v

We have created a smaller “Middle System” for Cali to use when he plays at Brooklyn Basin.

We want a solution that

1) Will fit in a Tacoma pickup truck

2) Delivers as much bass as possible to balance the strong mids and highs

3) Runs off 12v LiFePO4 batteries using car audio components

The resulting two tops and two subs are loaded with (2) 2″ horns, (4) 12″ mids and (4) 15″ subs.

While we are happy with the output, we think it could use more bass. (Because of course we do. We have named ourselves Little Bass Heads for a reason!)

We were planning to use the two Middle System Subs below the floor of The Juke Joint because they were the most powerful boxes we have that could fit. However… now that we have raised the dance floor, Mike and I figured we should design a new custom cabinet using 18″ drivers to give us more bass. We love the compact design of the Middle System Tops and wanted to match them as closely as possible.

We cut the new Middle PB18 – 12v using sustainable 1/2 poplar plywood from France instead of the normal Baltic Birch which is now too expensive and the money goes to support Putin’s war (we do NOT want to support war!) We are loading the boxes with the 4 Ohm Faital Pro 18HP1030 from Al over at US Speaker. We have been quite happy with our 15″ Faitals in our THAM15 and these new ones come with a waterproof cone. This means, theoretically, that they should have no problem with the dust. (We shall test them soon enough!)

The internal dimensions are:

19 x 23 x 22 = 9614 cubic inches (cuin) = 5.56 cubic feet (cuft) of internal volume.

The external dimensions are:

20″ wide
24″ tall
24″ deep

The four ports are triangles with sides of 4.25 x 4.25 and are 11 inches deep.

4.25 x 4.25 / 2 x 11 = 99.3 cuin = .0575 cuft

4 x 99.3 = 397.3 cuin = .23 cuft

Fusion files and screenshots are below.

06-06-22 Middle PB18 – 12v (Fusion Link)

06-02-22 Middle PB18 – 12v (Fusion File)


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