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Little Bass Heads Sound System (LBH) is a tiny collective of SF Bay Area DJs. We define the “sound” part of our Building Sound Community nonprofit.

LBH has been years in the making. Originally birthed with Unaverz, we started as a Level 3 sound system for our 2013 Burning Man mutant vehicle. We have benefitted from fabulous care and feeding by Smash and Mike Hatt as we have matured and expanded well beyond the playa.

The genesis for the formulation of our specific type of stand-alone sound system was pushed by David Lloyd and his fascination with Jamaican sound systems in England, France and Germany. Working together with Mike Hatt, Ulan McKnight and our ever expanding group of fellow travelers, we are on an eternal quest for more and better bass.


The Listening Room (TLR) is small spot in Richmond where DJs associated with our crew can come anytime and practice their art. It is soundproofed and under the freeway so we can play as loud as we want.

TLR is slowly evolving from a location to assemble and test our custom-built speaker cabinets into a more general purpose art space.

TLR is magical™

Privacy Policy

Little Bass Heads collects no personal data on visitors and shares this non-existent data with no one. Cool?

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