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May 11 2022

Burning Man Resources of BIPOC

Links to Burning Man resources for BIPOC. Yeah!

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May 11 2022

Juke Joint Thoughts

Cassie and I are working on ideas around the Juke Joint. This post captures some of what we discussed today.

1939: Billie Holiday “Strange Fruit” https://youtu.be/wHGAMjwr_j8

1948?: Mills Brothers “Caravan” 1) https://youtu.be/14QEoEIvUuk 2) https://youtu.be/HeYSOydYfG4

1979: Fern Kinney “Baby Let Me Kiss You” https://youtu.be/hK0PVYsvV0Y 1987: Phuture “Acid Tracks” https://youtu.be/igNBeo3QSqc 1988: Public Enemy “Fight the Power” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmo3HFa2vjg …

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Apr 18 2022

Some lighting thoughts

We are always on the hunt for lighting. As we have begun building sound systems that run on 12v batteries, it makes sense to upgrade all of our lighting to use 12v instead of the mix of 5 and 12v we have used in the past. I recently came across this rope lighting along with …

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Apr 18 2022

04-18-22 – Build Media

A great day was had by all and we got a megga-s*-ton done. And an extra special thanx to Craig for hosting the righteous after-party.

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Apr 15 2022

Build Party 04-16-22

We are definitely in Build Mode™ now. Come out to Bridge on Saturday and lend a hand.

What: Build Party When: Sat, April 16, 2022 starting at noon Where: Bridge Storage and Art Space (under the freeway) 23 Maine Ave Richmond, Ca. 94804

Bring your smiles and positive energy. We will feed you and …

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Apr 15 2022

The Jolly Boys – A Current Juke Joint Band

I was watching Woke S01E08 and the song by the Jolly Boys – I Fought The Law (The Clash) came on.

Reading up on The Jolly Boys and looking at the album art has me thinking about what “current” Juke Joints look like and what people who play in them sound like.

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Apr 07 2022

Sugar Shack Light Box

Dave Lloyd’s Juke Joint drawing includes a marquee sign using the words Sugar Shack and an arrow. Using the incredible Laney College Fab Lab maker space, I set about building the light box.

1) Create the Fusion 360 file 2) Cut parts 3) Glue-up, route, sand, etc 4) Test 5) Rinse and repeat

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Mar 22 2022

Tsan and Daryl – Intro – 03-12-22

Tsan and Daryl are creating a new cooking podcast. Below is some audio and photos from their first session together.

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Mar 15 2022

LBH Dual 15 Bass

Last Friday we had a great time with Morgan and Sulaiman’s Days Like This event at the lake. After lots of discussion, Mike and I would like to experiment with building a cabinet using two of the Faital Pro 15HP1030 – 15″ High Power bass drivers we install in our THAM 15. The hope is …

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Mar 10 2022

Cali – 03/2022

When we first met Cali, he was throwing the legendary The People party. We always called it our favorite party of the month.

One random Tuesday we hit up our favorite bar, Room 389, and found Cali spinning vinyl “for the love of it”.

Fast forward to today when we are designing an entire sound …

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