Mar 15 2022

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LBH Dual 15 Bass

Last Friday we had a great time with Morgan and Sulaiman’s Days Like This event at the lake. After lots of discussion, Mike and I would like to experiment with building a cabinet using two of the Faital Pro 15HP1030 – 15″ High Power bass drivers we install in our THAM 15. The hope is that with a ported design, the bass energy will be directed more to the floor in front of the DJ with less sound traveling outside of the event to rumble the neighborhood.

Mike has designed a box with a 3″ port opening and a total port volume of .27 cuft. The internal volume of the box should be 6.7 cuft. Including the port, we would like a total internal volume of just under 7 cuft.

Our Middle System Tops have external dimensions of 19″ wide by 40″ tall by 15″ deep. We want the new Dual Bass 15 to match these dimensions as much as possible. We will be using 1/2 MDF for protyping which gives us an internal dimension of 1″ less than the outer dimension. Using the width and heigh dimensions as desired dimensions, we can calculate the depth using the following simple math formulas.

1 cubic foot (cuft) in inches is 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728

We want an internal volume of 7 cuft so we multiple this by 7.

7 x 1728 = 12096

Divide this number by our height.

12096 / 39 = 310.2

Divid this number by our width.

310.2 / 18 = 17.5 (internal depth)

Let’s do the reverse just to check.

17.5 deep
18 wide
39 tall

17.5 x 18 x 39 = 12285 > 12096 (Our resulting volume is greater than 7 cuft.)


The external dimensions for the LBH Dual 15 are 19 wide by 40 tall by 19.75 deep (we add a 1.25″ baffle for the grill).

Now then… here is the Fusion 360 file.

03-15-22 – LBH Dual Bass 15 (Fusion Public Link)
03-15-22 – LBH Dual Bass 15 (Direct file download)

Turns out, cutting one cabinet requires a bit more than a single sheet of plywood. In the CAM set-ups, I choose to cut two at a time for efficiency.

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