Feb 16 2022

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Middle Tops

At The Listening Room (TLR) we have our Main System set up. While we love it, we rarely take it out as it is so massive. Cali, Dave and Charles all want to start throwing parties at Brooklyn Basin and assorted renegade spots in the East Bay.

We have built the THAM-15’s for Sulaiman and Morgan’s Days Like This – Oakland. Everything Sulaiman brings to their gigs runs off his 200Ah battery and so we are powering the THAMs using an NVX 1700w Monoblock.

Mike got it in his head that we can create a Middle System using 4 THAM-15 and two new Middle Tops. The Middle Tops will each use two 12″ drivers and a 2″ tweeter using a new (to us) B&C horn. We plan to power both off a single NVX 1000w Class D 4-Channel amp.

Cali and I spent the last two days at Laney cutting and assembling them. We are painting them today and plan to load and test them with Mike tomorrow. Maybe they will be ready for a run with Sulaiman on Friday. (We can dream!)

What fun!!


Sulaiman’s 200Ah battery that he built himself to run All The Things™.

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