Aug 01 2022

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Happy happy happy dayz

So much to be grateful for. Tons of happy memories have been created over the last few.

Sulaiman and his moms got to dance together. We celebrated Erin’s Birthday and the launch of Anzani Cider. Tsan fed us (always a joyous occasion!!) and Brian is creating a new sculpture (or two!) just for The Juke Joint. Amber and Mark got to really get down with some metal and lights. Sheri built our new amazing steps (with the help of a great team). Jonathan and Barry showed us how to mess with wood and stains. Cali added bluetooth and a 5v converter to a new Bike Party system. Charles and Dave met up again for some tune playing and Airpusher pushed some air. Kahai and Wendy ate a bunch of sushi. My ticket and car pass came and my son visited his first Burning Man work site!

Wes and Eli talked instruments meanwhile Wendy and Jemma talked ropes. Ken got cut while Dave toured Greece and Swurv sent out their first shipment of shirts! Charles and Kate fell in love with Rustolium and Tsan modeled the proper way to dress for delivering your child to the airport. Glenn and Gamin are hosting BBP and Prince Barron hosted more cats than he knew how to heard. Wolfie scored an art tour where he will DJ for Danielle and friends… and Cassie flew all the way from Denmark to work on Thirsty!

Good Times™ indeedey!!

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