Aug 18 2022

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Curtains, please

We are looking for someone to make curtains for the windows. Dave’s thoughts are below.

1.  Window 27” wide x 22” tall. From outside of framing.

2. Window 43” wide x 24” high outside of frames

3. Window 29” x 12” wide

4. Window 29” high x 12 inches wide
Ceiling opening 91” across x 44”  if they had grommets at edge maybe we could add a cable or wire to push it up or down.

If you wanted three separate curtains each panel is 44” long.

1st panel is 25 inches wide inside of framing.

2nd panel is 30.5” wide.

3rd panel is 32” wide. All inside of framing.

So depends if you want to snap it on then add half in. Or just run grommets or a seam that we can run a wire through.
Just need some way to attach it. If you want to attach it too and bottom then make it longer.

Add snaps.

Teph relies:

I can bring you this lovely striped number.

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