Aug 19 2022

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A letter from Mike to the DJs and Performers on The Juke Joint

Hello all!

The Juke Joint is first and foremost a performance space not just for DJs but for artists of all types. Whether you play a keyboard, guitar, sax or sing, we want you to feel welcomed. Below is a list of equipment we know will be on the vehicle. Please keep in mind that things will change spontaneously as the Burn progresses simply because that’s just how it works out there.

We will have a IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro Full-sized 37-key MIDI Keyboard linked to an iPad with GarageBand. There might be a piano synth app or two so folks can play the tunes they love; or create a track on the spot right then and there. This will share space with our DJ controller the Pioneer XDJ-R1. We will not have XDJs and a separate mixer. This XDJ-R1 does not require a laptop allowing you to rock out with just your USB sticks or CDs. (We can accommodate a complete DJ coffin if you bring it but we are not providing one this year.)

The only quirk of this controller is that if you are using a lot of sync and other Rekordbox features you will want to export your playlists specifically for the XDJ-R1. There is a check box in the export window on Rekordbox that says something akin to CDJ or XDJ-R1 (because the unit is older it works slightly differently). If you use USB folders without Rekordbox, this controller will feel completely familiar to you.

There will be a main mixer with inputs for the two above devices, at least 1 microphone, and an instrument input for guitar or another 1/4″ input equipment. The mixer will feed to the main Level 2 sound system directed towards the passenger side of the truck. We will also have a pair of small speakers pointed towards the back of the truck and down at the DJ and dance area. The volume for these “monitors” will not be controlled by the performers. It will, however, be good solid sound giving all frequencies and in 99% of all cases, exactly what a performer needs.

Hoping all will have a fabulous time and create long lasting memories,

Mike the Sound Guy™

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