Jul 10 2021

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Bike Party – 07-10-21

You can download the Fusion file for the Bike Party – 07-10-21 system using the following link:

[Fusion file download]

Well this is quite exciting! We have tested our current design out in the world every week for the past few months and the feedback has been excellent. We believe we have the bass tuned correctly and these 6×9 give us even more throw than we had hoped for.

The main problems that we have experienced is with the internal wiring and the horrible door.

Well, good news people!!! The door is now on one side and the eq and all input/output are on the other. And we have added extra hand holds to the side. I will describe the new system below along with photos.

The image above shows a number of new features. The main old features have not changed:

12″ JBL Stage 12 bass driver. The box incorporates a 2″ port allowing the box to comfortably reproduce sound as low as 35Hz!

(2) JBL 6×9 tops angled at 20º for further spread when the box is on or near the ground.

Planet Audio EQ allowing fine tuning of all sound input.

Rockville 4-channel amp creating a remarkably loud and accurate sound response.

A few new details are:

The bass speaker now has its own private 1.4 cubic-feet rectangular compartment.

All non-speaker hardware is isolated in a separate compartment with easy access.

We have added two side handles for easier transport.

Each compartment includes a single speaker wire hole to connect all drivers.

The image above is of the right side. The eq and all input-output have shifted to the right side. The top cut-out is for the new right hand-hold.

The image above shows the internal of the box without the right side.

The image above is of the left side. The new side door allows for easy access to all internal components. The top cut-out is for the new left hand-hold.

The image above shows the internal of the box without the left side.

This image is of the front of the box.

This image is of the back of the box.

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