Jul 21 2021

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Bike Part – 07-21-21

Download the Fusion 360 file (here)

I changed up the handle on the Bike Party box. The system now includes a single metal “bar handle” on the top and two inset hand-holds on the sides. This should make the box stronger, easier to carry for one person and trivial to carry with two.

Thanx Caroline for the regular feedback.There is nothing like taking the box out into the world to test how it works In Real Life™.

The box still consists of 3 separate and isolated compartments:

1) A roomy bass area comprising over 1.4cuft!
2) The tops area
3) A space for all of the electronics

I believe the box will be easier to assemble, stronger, slightly lighter (less wood) and far easier to seal from air leakage between the compartments and/or out of the box itself. We shall see as soon as I get access to a CNC to cut the pieces on. (Laney does not open for another month.)

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