Sep 17 2021

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Sulaiman and Morgan have been throwing this wonderful Days Like This Friday after-work gig by Lake Merrit for months now. Being that we are Little Bass Heads, Mike and I decided that they needed some more bass (ya’ think?!?) The design specifications we used are as follows:

1) Powered off 12 volts

This is critical as all of the equipment used fits into Sulaiman’s bike trailer. We have also been designing our Bike Party system and love the efficiency and planet-saving focus of using renewable power.

2) Weigh less than 80 pounds

One person and a hand truck should be able to easily move this around. Two people carrying the thing should have no issue positioning it.

3) Fit in a Bike Trailer

If Morgan wanted to bike it to the event, she has to fit it into her trailer.

4) More concerned with throw than punch

Everything with sound is a trade-off. In this case, we want to throw the bass out into the crowd more than punch the people in the front. The event is spread out and we want all of the participants to feel a little something.

Mike immediately replied that we should check out the THAM designs by Anders Martinsson. After a bunch of discussion around 12 vs. 15 vs. 18 inch drivers, we settled on the THAM 15.

I threw the specs into Fusion and quickly realized that their dimensions are off ever so slightly. As such, I had to decide what dimensions drive the design and chose to float the point where the Horn Upper Inner and the Horn Rear Inner meet. That point only moves a 1/4 inch or so from where their non-CAD specs place it so we were not too worried.

Fast forward a few months and I am happy to report that we absolutely LOVE these things and take them out regularly to gigs. They sound great for their intended purpose by Lake Merrit but they also sound fantastic on the beach and under the overpass. Mr. Marinsson and his internet family have designed a wonderful bass system that we recommend highly.

We hope you enjoy the Fusion files.

THAM 15 with rabbets (Public Link)
THAM 15 with rabbets (Fusion File)

Also of note: This video of another person building a THAM 15 is quite nice and worth a watch.

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