Feb 13 2020

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Side panels

To limit our renegade set-up/break-down time, we want to load our speaker cabinets in place and simply remove the side panels when we show up. Our side panels have lived inside the truck which has made this impossible to accomplish.

Jeff came up with a brilliant attachment mechanism allowing us to slide the panels on and off the truck from the outside.

Screw and glue a 2 x 4 to the top of the plywood panel and cut a square hole in the center of the plywood just below the 2 x 4.
– Jeff

Jeff and I cut the sections and used the brake at his shop. I then took them over to Bridge for a little clean up, prepped the sides of the truck, brought the welder up to the top floor and went to work.

Each bracket took less than 5 minutes to weld. So satisfying to be working with metal again!

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