Dec 06 2020

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Set-Up Questions And Answers in Fusion 360

1) Use the new (as of 2020) “Arrange” feature in Manufacture Workspace in Fusion 360 to nest all parts for cutting. (I made a 3 minute video on how to use this feature.)

2) Edit the new setup.

A) Right click the new setup and select “Edit”

B) I always start with the third tab [Post Process] and work backwards (to ensure I do not forget the last two tabs).

I change the name from 1001 to the name of the file. This name is case sensitive and can have spaces as it will be used as the default filename for the G-Code file Fusion is going to generate to cut your parts.

C) This step is important!

In the “Stock” tab, make sure to set Side Stock Offset and Stock Top Offset to 0. This window also allow you to ensure that all your parts are in plane and within the sheet of your stock. In the image below you can see that the width x length x height is 94.8 x 43.7 x .47. So long as you zero the origin within .5 of zero, all parts should cut fine. If you find that your numbers are off – DO NOT CUT! Your parts >>MUST<< fit within your stock dimension. You have been warned.

D) Define your orientation and select the parts you want to cut.

This step seems to mess up most beginners. In the “Setup” tab I choose the Work Coordinate System Orientation of “Select Z axis/plane & X axis”. I then select any vertical line on a part for the “Z” axis. I then make sure the “X” option is highlighted and select any line on a part running in the X direction. You then need to select the Stock Point and I click on the bottom right “Box Point”.

At this point you need to tell Fusion what parts you want to cut. Select “Model” and then click on each part you want to cut (normally all of them). If you mess up, hit the “x” and start over. It takes me 20 seconds or so to select all 33 parts. Make sure that all of the parts you want to cut are blue.

I made a 2 minute video to demonstrate how this is done.

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