Dec 06 2021

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Little Bass Heads THAM15 – 12-06-21

Little Bass Heads THAM15 – 12-06-21 (Fusion public file link)

Little Bass Heads THAM15 – 12-06-21 (Fusion file and GCode to run the Laney College ShopBot)

Little Bass Heads THAM15 – 12-06-21 (Little Bass Heads THAM15 – 12-06-21 – GCode only)

As of today we have a working version of the Little Bass Heads THAM15. The original THAM designs is by Anders Martinsson. We have recreated the design in Fusion 360 to enable CNC manufacturing. We added insets and rabbets to strengthen the box. The design is fully parameterized.

We use the 4 Ohm Faital 15HP1030 driver supplied to us by Al over at US Speaker.

All of our speaker designs are Open Source and free to use and modify. We appreciate all feedback.

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