Mar 28 2020

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Juke Joint

A juke joint for the bottom. This is where the live band / Dj will play.

A Saharan tent for the cubby. A plush, warm and relaxing spot to rest your bones.

A Paris bistro for the top. I specifically want the floor tiles, the wicker chairs, the round metal tables and a fantastic bar!

I am super interested in showing that you don’t need money/wealth to be human and share food and music. Juke joints came out of poverty and a need to commune after hard work with little (if any) pay.

The travelers of the Sahara, the Taureg, Bedouin, Umm Bororo, have little in the way of Western wealth but are rich beyond measure with humanity.

The Paris bistros are the hangouts for the artists and the poor, the creatives. Immigrants from all over the world meet to eat, drink and share.

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