Aug 18 2020

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Bicycle Thumper – 08-18-20

We are working on a new design that is currently called the Bicycle Thumper.

The idea comes from a number of people in our crew and most actively from Robin and Torben. The design requirements are:

1) Battery powered
2) Mobile
3) Sonically pure
4) Multiple paired boxes

It must play for a minimum of 4 hours using a motorcycle battery, be small enough to be towed by a bicycle and sound great. Ideally, multiple boxes can pair together using a single audio source. A number of us are planning to spin up new social-distancing iterations of East Bay Bike Party and we need something that we can dance to.

Today’s draft uses four 10″ bass drivers, two 8″ mid drivers and two tweeters who’s horns measure 6 1/8 by 7 5/8ths. We will angle the mid and tweeters but for right now, they are shown in the same plane as the bass drivers.

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