May 26 2022

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Before and after

I spent the day on RIDE stuff and couldn’t be happier! I love my Burning Man community so much.

I seriously can’t wait to get up on the playa and give hugs to everyone.

So, now the Real Work™ begins.

1) Take off all the sides and floor
2) Weld receptacles for the platforms
3) Create platforms
4) Create new floor

Can we do it all this weekend? I sure do hope so.

I’m Coming Home!
(I would LOVE for someone to play this song in memory of Chenier on The Juke Joint!!!)

Had a long chat with the Black Burner Project / Black Asé and we talked about Burners up in Petaluma (where they will be staging the art).

Gaia (at Marco Cochrane’s)

The Lost Tea Party (FTW!)

Reared In Steel
(Love Kevin and Michelle so very very…)

Erin and her crew are so inspiring!!!

Time to stop yapping and pick up tools.

And a few hours later…

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