Apr 18 2021

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Sparkle (1976) is a Juke Joint of a movie

Sparkle (1976) follows the lives of three sisters as they navigate love and the 1950’s Harlem music scene.

I enjoy these 8 minutes showing the fun side of life in a Juke Joint.

The next two scenes sum life up pretty well. [I wish Lonette McKee had more range. Irene Cara does a much better job.]

The Truth! Sometimes when you are down, you need someone to tell you what is real. Juke Joints have always been places to learn about life and discover what makes the world turn.

If you look in to your heart… Her smile is everything when she finds her joy.

And there it is. If you are interested in what Juke Joints are and the Black Joy™ surrounding them, simply watch this movie and you will understand.

To all the fish and the fishes, go wiggle!

When you pull my string, I can do my think like I oughta…

P-Funk has been creating Juke Joints (and people have been losing their mind, myself included) all over the world since the early 70’s. Now it is our turn (RIP Eddie Hazel) to set the world on fire and bring happiness and dance to those who seek.

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