Jul 22 2022

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Craigslist Shade Link

Looks like all of the shade structures we purchased for Burning Man 2019 have walked away. Can anyone point me to a place to purchase more? Craig hooked us up last time time with (I think) Mike in the link above. That being said, I know I have seen a website with connectors and shade that is cheaper and better.

As I am thinking of building 10×30 for the camp and I have a number of other camps that I am interacting with that have been asking me for shade advice, I would love to find a solution that is more versatile.

Can anyone help?


Erich Rienicker replied:

We used 10’X10’ from canopiesandtarps.com or tarpsplus.com.

I highly recommend 10X10’s. Ball bungys, With 1” conduit and tied down with lag screws.

We have not lost one in a wind storm yet, and the 10X10 format is both easy to handle and easy to make interesting shapes with.

1” conduit has rocketed in price since in the last couple of years and will be the most expensive part of your shade structure.

When I bought Pongo’s gear, EMT was $7/stick. It’s now $21

The first 10X10 will take 8 sticks ($168 plus tax)

Each additional 10X10 takes another 5 sticks. ($105 plus tax)

Plus four five way fittings at $9.25 for the first 10X10 ($39)

Two more for each addtional 10X10 ($18.50)

Tarps $20.75 each

Ball bungys (about $10/square)

14” lag screws (4 for the first, 2 more for each additonal) $5 each.

So the first square is $168+$39+$20.75+$10+$20=$257.75 (plus tax)

Each additional square $105+18.50+20.75+10+10=$164.25

So 20X20= 257.75+(3×164.25)=$750.50.. plus tax


Craig Backer replied:



Ulan adds:

We create 8 foot tall shade structures for our tents and lounges instead of 10 as we find 10 is much harder to set-up and break down and the shade travels too far with the sun. 10 is great for vans and RV’s.

We also angle side tarps to lesson the dust and create free extra storage space for luggage, swamp coolers and the like. We learned in 2019 that if you secure them a foot above the playa, the dust doesn’t get in but the breeze passes through nicely.

This year we plan to document what works and what doesn’t.


Levi replied:

Saw your shade thing. Remind me on Monday I’ll show you what we did. Basically 10 foot 3/4 EMT with 20×20 tops and 8 foot legs. Sides are 10×20 panels that, when strung out to the 8 foot height the sides make the ideal slope to address high winds. Ratchet straps and lags hold everything down. I can send you links to all the components and show you the fusion file.

The only tricky thing is if you want the corners enclosed, but there’s some easy ways to deal with that as well (and of course the hard way that I chose. lol) You’ll have to call and check lead times for materials tho – but the folks we bought from had great customer service

Hardest thing is likely going to be finding 14+ inch long hex head lag bolts in 3/8 diameter. You can also do 1/2 inch but the weight and cost increase I think is uncalled for I think. Then again, considering how dusty playa is supposedly this year, 16x.5 might be justified. Galvanized cost a fortune so I settled for zinc plated and accepted that I’ll just have to wash them all in vinegar post burn.

I’d go further, but I’m in a rush today. If you haven’t placed an order by Monday we can sit down and do it then. It’ll take 30ish minutes probably to explain, do the math, and order – assuming people pick up when you call to ask about lead times. I’ve already got it all sorted for our own situation, so it’s just duplication for you.

It’s 10 foot EMT sections, so 4 – 10×10 squares to make a 20×20. Like I said, I’ll show you the fusion file and a sketch and you’ll get it right away. Super straight forward.

And buying shade in 10×20 and 20×20 reduces costs, labor, packing hassle, etc.

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