May 11 2022

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Juke Joint Thoughts

Cassie and I are working on ideas around the Juke Joint. This post captures some of what we discussed today.

1920-1940: Willie the Lion Smith – https://youtu.be/q3b1xt3V4H8

1922: Lena Wilson “He Used To Be Your Man But He’s My Man Now” https://youtu.be/05wkaI1An7A

1937: Golden Gate Quartet “Go Where I Send Thee” https://youtu.be/nU35D0Op6Yg

1939: Billie Holiday “Strange Fruit” https://youtu.be/wHGAMjwr_j8

1948?: Mills Brothers “Caravan”
1) https://youtu.be/14QEoEIvUuk
2) https://youtu.be/HeYSOydYfG4

1937: Golden Gate Quartet “Go Where I Send Thee” https://youtu.be/nU35D0Op6Y

1964: Sister Rosetta Tharpe “Didn’t it Rain?” https://youtu.be/Y9a49oFalZE

1979: Fern Kinney “Baby Let Me Kiss You” https://youtube/hK0PVYsvV0Y
1987: Phuture “Acid Tracks” https://youtu.be/igNBeo3QSqc
1988: Public Enemy “Fight the Power” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmo3HFa2vjg
1989: Stop the Violence Movement “Self Destruction” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmX5TgWsfEQ

2022: Born Infinite “Avatars” https://youtu.be/TfIYaXfvuY4
2022: Iniko “The Kings Affirmation” https://youtu.be/1FF_5dGZHtM

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  1. I’ve had this saved for a few months.

    The future?

  2. I’ll keep adding tracks by year and we can map out a timeline. My music moods wane back and forth at any given moment tho.

  3. Ulan


    I love us so much!

  4. Ulan


    This is the very definition of what I am trying to create with The Juke Joint!

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