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Apr 19 2021

Cuddle cubby kitchen

You can read the back and forth below but I think Elina and Dave have some winning ideas. We can do all of our food and drink prep/distribution out on the back porch. When we get to a place to chill for a spell, we will take tables and chairs on to …

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Apr 18 2021

Sparkle (1976) is a Juke Joint of a movie

Sparkle (1976) follows the lives of three sisters as they navigate love and the 1950’s Harlem music scene.

I enjoy these 8 minutes showing the fun side of life in a Juke Joint.

The next two scenes sum life up pretty well. [I wish Lonette McKee had more range. Irene Cara does …

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Apr 17 2021

Finishing up the cubby/kitchen welds

I finished up the few more welds we had to complete the cubby/kitchen area.

Torben, Mianta with her children and Dave came by to briefly assist.

It sure feels good to be working again!

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Apr 17 2021

Torben is about that welding life

Torben did not come here to play. Sheri and I are quite impressed.

Dooo Eeet Baby™!

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Apr 02 2021

For (Black Rock City) Virgins

As we are trying to return to Black Rock with a bevy of virgins, it makes sense to provide these critical new additions to our crew with information that can help them on their journey. Below you will find a collection of links and musings that may be of value. YMMV (Your Milage May Vary)

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Mar 31 2021

The Juke Joint – Burning Man Submission

This post is the resource URL for the Burning Man Mutant Vehicle submission.

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Mar 29 2021

AfroFuturistic Juke Joint

Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 7: I AM is one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite series. I see this imagery in The Juke Joint somewhere.

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Mar 29 2021

The Juke Joint – progress

Our evolving Pinterest Board

This dancer and Diana Ross are unbothered.

The Truth™️

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Mar 27 2021

Juke Joint Treatment #3

Lots coming in. The people wanting to help are legion. Thank you to all. The support folx (Justine, Wendy, Elina…) this won’t be possible without you. I love you all so very much.

Dave is going nuts on his Pinterest page. This is great!

Christine is throwing down with some amazing dance-oriented links along with …

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Mar 26 2021

Juke Joint – Treatment #2

Lots and lots of work over the last 24 hours (application is due in 5 days!)

Dave Lloyd created this drawing (and link to the song below) after talking a ton about deconstructed walls, musical imagery, creating a more “modern” version while capturing the freedom and levity of celebrating free of judgment.

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