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Jun 15 2022

Hey, (work) party people!

I believe we have enough wood and steel to build all of the floors and platforms. I aim to complete as much as we can before Dave Lloyd and I go on our NYC Safari to check out the natives, wildlife and music scene next week.

To Do

Install Timbren FRTT350E Rear Suspension

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Jun 14 2022

Platform support

A few pictures to hone in on what we are building.

The entire truck

Frame, platform, one speaker and two supports

Frame and one support

One support alone

The steel we are using

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Jun 03 2022

Middle PB18 – 12v

We have created a smaller “Middle System” for Cali to use when he plays at Brooklyn Basin.

We want a solution that

1) Will fit in a Tacoma pickup truck

2) Delivers as much bass as possible to balance the strong mids and highs

3) Runs off 12v LiFePO4 batteries using car audio …

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May 31 2022

In just three days… I can make you an elevated floor!

In just seven days…

Rando blog post title, for sure. Unless you realize I went to Rocky for 32 consecutive showings in High School and the way the story was told (live your life, fly your flag) had a big impact on me.

The title for this post was inspired by something Dave …

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May 27 2022

One platform receptacle welded

Spring Babies!

One of the 8 platform receptacles has been welded in to place. Woot.

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May 26 2022

Before and after

I spent the day on RIDE stuff and couldn’t be happier! I love my Burning Man community so much.

I seriously can’t wait to get up on the playa and give hugs to everyone.

So, now the Real Work™ begins.

1) Take off all the sides and floor 2) Weld receptacles for the platforms …

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May 24 2022

05-24-22 Truck Media

Levi and I worked on the platform attachment today. I also brought in our current “Middle System” boxes (in red).

We have 10-20 hours of welding and metal work in the next week or so if anyone is around to lend a hand.

Things are happenings! Stuff is moving!

05-24-22 Truck (Fusion Link)

05-24-22 Truck …

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May 20 2022

Truck Media – 05-20-22

Life! I find myself swimming familiar waters…

Once again I am building a truck with maximum dance floor/community space.

Once again I am designing a truck around outfitting it with the maximum sound.

Once again I am considering ease of access and safety for revelers.

I think it was Glenn who questioned why we are …

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May 18 2022

Bike Party – 05-18-21

The Bike Party boxes have been out in the wild and we have included a ton of updates. The system is now lighter, louder, stronger and able to connect to more power sources.

Parts list and Fusion files are below.


Bike Party Fusion 360 (Public Link)

Bike Party Fusion 360 (File Download)

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May 11 2022

Burning Man Resources for BIPOC

Links to Burning Man resources for BIPOC. Yeah!

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