Jan 07 2023

Juke Joint Media

Dave Lloyd a just sent me the photos from The Juke Joint build in 2022. They are so beautiful, I have to post them!

We attached the sign to some plywood and have it in The Listening Room (TLR). We lit it up for the first time for our Capricorn Party …

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Dec 21 2022

Cloud Bike

Cassie chatted with CJ and CJ agreed to let her use the electric-powered Cloud Bike for 2023. Sheri and I went to pick it up. It is now living in my driveway. Bravo!

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Nov 28 2022

Days Like This – DJ Kincaid & Eric Groove – 11-18-22

DJ Kincaid & Eric Groove worked it at Days Like This on November 18, 2022 (MP3 Download)

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Nov 21 2022

Let’s talk about the baffle

All of our speaker designs include a baffle. The baffle is where we mount the drivers (speakers) and often include ports and structural supports. For this post, I will be talking about design decisions relating to our Ported Bass 15″ Modular speaker cabinet.

Our designs, generally, set the baffle back (variable: baffle_setback) 1.5 …

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Nov 21 2022

Days Like This – Lycan Catt – 11-04-22

Lycan Catt plays live at Days Like This on November 4, 2022 (MP3 Download)

Super Fun Times™

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Oct 22 2022

Days Like This – 10-21-22 – DJ Omar Johnson

Days Like This had another great night. DJ Omar Johnson held it down all night. A great time was had by all. Bravo.

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Aug 19 2022

A letter from Mike to the DJs and Performers on The Juke Joint

Hello all!

The Juke Joint is first and foremost a performance space not just for DJs but for artists of all types. Whether you play a keyboard, guitar, sax or sing, we want you to feel welcomed. Below is a list of equipment we know will be on the vehicle. Please keep in mind that …

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Aug 18 2022

Curtains, please

We are looking for someone to make curtains for the windows. Dave’s thoughts are below.

1.  Window 27” wide x 22” tall. From outside of framing.

2. Window 43” wide x 24” high outside of frames

3. Window 29” x 12” wide

4. Window 29” high x 12 inches …

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Aug 10 2022

Where we are now

We leave in two weeks!!

Watch the video below to see where we are now. Some photos of our journey follow.

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Aug 01 2022

Happy happy happy dayz

So much to be grateful for. Tons of happy memories have been created over the last few.

Sulaiman and his moms got to dance together. We celebrated Erin’s Birthday and the launch of Anzani Cider. Tsan fed us (always a joyous occasion!!) and Brian is creating a new sculpture (or two!) just for The Juke …

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