Jul 21 2021

Bike Part – 07-21-21

Download the Fusion 360 file (here)

I changed up the handle on the Bike Party box. The system now includes a single metal “bar handle” on the top and two inset hand-holds on the sides. This should make the box stronger, easier to carry for one person and trivial to carry with two.

Thanx Caroline …

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Jul 10 2021

Bike Party – 07-10-21

You can download the Fusion file for the Bike Party – 07-10-21 system using the following link:

[Fusion file download]

Well this is quite exciting! We have tested our current design out in the world every week for the past few months and the feedback has been excellent. We believe we have the bass …

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May 28 2021

Cherry Blossom Art Project

Caroline, Torben, Sheri and Ulan (C.U.T.S.) are submitting a proposal for public art.

RFQ_Cherry Blossom Row_1% Public Art Project

Below are some Art Nouveau images for inspiration.

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May 03 2021

Welcome sign

We are designing the back sign that will welcome everyone on board. I would like to create a sign that is 6-8 feet wide that is welcoming to Black people. I think it should be funny or have some levity and I want it to be unique – something only The Juke Joint would have.

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Apr 19 2021

Cuddle cubby kitchen

You can read the back and forth below but I think Elina and Dave have some winning ideas. We can do all of our food and drink prep/distribution out on the back porch. When we get to a place to chill for a spell, we will take tables and chairs on to …

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Apr 18 2021

Sparkle (1976) is a Juke Joint of a movie

Sparkle (1976) follows the lives of three sisters as they navigate love and the 1950’s Harlem music scene.

I enjoy these 8 minutes showing the fun side of life in a Juke Joint.

The next two scenes sum life up pretty well. [I wish Lonette McKee had more range. Irene Cara does …

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Apr 17 2021

Finishing up the cubby/kitchen welds

I finished up the few more welds we had to complete the cubby/kitchen area.

Torben, Mianta with her children and Dave came by to briefly assist.

It sure feels good to be working again!

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Apr 17 2021

Torben is about that welding life

Torben did not come here to play. Sheri and I are quite impressed.

Dooo Eeet Baby™!

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Apr 02 2021

For (Black Rock City) Virgins

As we are trying to return to Black Rock with a bevy of virgins, it makes sense to provide these critical new additions to our crew with information that can help them on their journey. Below you will find a collection of links and musings that may be of value. YMMV (Your Milage May Vary)

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Mar 31 2021

The Juke Joint – Burning Man Submission

This post is the resource URL for the Burning Man Mutant Vehicle submission.

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