Jun 26 2023

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Zoo Labs Grant Application 2023

We are applying for a Zoo Labs grant for 2023. This post contains data to support our application.

Zoo Labs Grant

Little Bass Heads Sound Systems (LBH Sound) was formed in 2015 to build the best sound systems on the planet and give the designs away for free. Mike Hatt is the brains behind designing the cabinets, Ulan McKnight creates the 3D Fusion 360 models, cuts and assembled the cabinets and Cassandra Anthony runs the operations.

We started off by creating sound experiences for Burning Man events and have since created custom speakers for everything from bike trailers, to small backyard BBQs to large dance battles. Our main focus has always been on supporting BIPOC/LGBTQ dance/movement/healing groups in the East Bay.

We are focused on perfecting our cabinet designs and offering our sound solutions at reduced rates to support BIPOC/LGBTQ dancers who can not afford great sound. We exclusively rely on the Laney College FabLab for cutting our speaker designs and our 600 sqft studio space in Richmond to assemble and test our completed sound systems.

We have outgrown our small studio. We have identified a warehouse space in Oakland that brings us closer to the BIPOC/LGBTQ communities that we support. The larger warehouse space will allow us to create a demonstration area for our sound.

The Laney College FabLab is closed when classes are not in session and this has negatively effected our ability to cut new speakers on the CNC. Purchasing our own CNC machine will enable us to build as needed.

We are asking for $20,000 for rent support and $30,000 to purchase a CNC machine.

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