May 20 2022

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Truck Media – 05-20-22

Life! I find myself swimming familiar waters…

Once again I am building a truck with maximum dance floor/community space.

Once again I am designing a truck around outfitting it with the maximum sound.

Once again I am considering ease of access and safety for revelers.

I think it was Glenn who questioned why we are constrained by the 8′ width. Why not, like Charlie, extend the stage by 2′ on each side (making the floor 12×10 instead of an 8×10). Mike and Dave pointed out that if we add 2′ to the passenger side, this will allow us to hide the bass speakers under the new platform. On the driver’s side, the extra platform space allows us to design easy access for those less able to navigate 32″ wide steps.

Well, many weeks later (and lots of rejected designs), I think we have a working version.

Fusion 360 public (Download)

Fusion 360 direct file (Download)

First… the overall truck.

Fully built out for the playa, the truck is now 21′ 6″ long and and 12′ wide. We have almost 190 square feet of dance floor space which is more than double just the truck bed. Sweet! I couldn’t be happier about this!!

In the images, all of the flooring is in pine, railings are in cherry and most steel is black.

The next images are of the platform connection. The platform (and steps) are in blue. The connections to the truck are in red.

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