May 27 2019

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Roady Says: Come hang out Saturday!

Roady is gettin super excited! You can see him shaking with joy under the “High Voltage” sign where he normally lives because of a number of things that are going to happen on Saturday:

1) Jules and Dave jointly celebrate their birthdays.

2) Lots of friends and family are coming for food and festivities.

3) After over two years of work, LBH Sound System is ready to test out Version 1 of our Pro Sound System.

As you can see below, Robin and Charles have both jumped into Maker Mode™️ by building their own personal Backyard BBQ Systems that will live in their homes and/or travel with them to their gigs.

A big part of what we are doing with the Building Sound Community non-profit is to assist our community in building their own sound systems. This means folks have to acquire wood working skills along with some electronics and sound shaping/tuning knowledge. Robin and Charles are some of the first to venture forth. A number of additional interested parties will be here on Saturday. Let’s all meet and discuss 🙂

So… please come and show your love. Bring something to share (we will have a BBQ set-up until @ 10pm) and a few new friends for us to meet and welcome.

Saturday, June 1, 2019
Bridge Storage and Art Space
23 Maine Ave
Richmond, CA. 94804

6pm until late.

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