Feb 16 2020

Bye bye bed

Torben did not come to play. But he did get dirtier than he says he has ever been (hard to believe…)

Bed has gone bye bye. First stage completed. Done. Check.

“See? Easy.” – Surly Store Clerk

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Feb 13 2020

Side panels

To limit our renegade set-up/break-down time, we want to load our speaker cabinets in place and simply remove the side panels when we show up. Our side panels have lived inside the truck which has made this impossible to accomplish.

Jeff came up with a brilliant attachment mechanism allowing us to slide the …

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Feb 11 2020

Build Day #1: Sunday, February 16, noon

What: Begin mutating the 1985 Ford F-250 Diesel When: 12 noon, Sunday, February 16, 2020 Where: Bridge Storage And Art Space 23 Maine Ave, Richmond, Ca. 94804 Who: Anyone who wants to build

So… we begin Sunday @ noon. Depending on who shows up to help, we may get the truck bed off and begin …

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Jan 27 2020

Tasty Humanity

“Food and music are common denominators amongst us all.” – Lori Wolf

We have a fantastic mural on 51st Street in Oakland, California made by Camille Hoffman. Her art “All Of Mankind” is of four women holding hands and bonded together to share a single body. Her piece was inspired by the “All …

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Jan 17 2020

Articles of clothing?

So I was thinking about what makes us distinctly human as opposed to other living beings on this planet. I focused on our hands and our hearts as representation of our souls. But lots of other living creates have hand-like body parts and hearts.

This got me to focus on how we stylize our …

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Jan 17 2020

Random art

Below is some random art to inspire.

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Jan 17 2020

Base Vehicle

The base vehicle we are using is a salvaged 1985 F-250 Diesel with automatic transmission.

The truck is 212 inches long and 72 wide. The cab is 95, the bed is 30 off the ground and the space between the axels is 140.

Below is an initial rendering of the skeleton for the …

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Jan 14 2020

Artistic inspiration for our 2020 mutant vehicle

Human beings are all one race, all one species. We are humans. Yet much of the world separates one kind of human from another. People in power define themselves as different than those without. People are split by religion, color, class, geographic boundaries, sexual orientation, gender and a whole menu of other fake definitions that …

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Jan 13 2020

2020 Tree Burning

We gathered a dozen trees and proceeded to light them on fire. How fun is that?

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Dec 14 2019

Pre-Renegade 12-13-19

The show before the show. What fun!

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