Jun 10 2018

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Notes on Dogbones – 06/10/18

The Dogbone script is an invaluable add-on to Fusion 360 that allows us to CAM corners. Thank you Mr. Rogers! You have saved me countless hours of time and you update the files regularly. You are a true Open Source Hero in my book!!

The most important thing to know about dogbones is that you, literally, have to run this as the very last step before moving into CAM. If you make any changes to your model (and I do mean any, no matter how small), do yourself a favor and delete the last step and then run the dogbone script over your parts again. You will thank me for this tip at some point.

The dogbone script works just fine when all of the required conditions have been met. When it comes back with errors, the main two design issues in my files have been that:

1) I have not aligned the pieces in the same plane
2) The script thinks I have corners that are hidden

The first issue is relatively easy to find. Look at the side view of your model and make sure that everything is in plane.

Home View

Side View (Bad)

Side View (Good/Aligned)

Depending on the complexity of your file, the second can be quite tricky. I have built items with a number of pockets and tabs that did not go from edge to edge. In other words, I had “overhangs” that the dogbone can not resolve. The easiest way to fix this issue is to only use tabs that run the complete depth of the stock. If you can’t do that (edge pockets require less than the full depth), then make sure the cut section is “up” in the ‘Y’ direction.

Oh yeah, for all of my pieces, ‘Y’ is “up” so I always check that box. It took me a while before I realized what that even meant 😉

I find it good as General Practices (GP) to always inspect your work from the Top and Bottom views making sure that all pockets are on the top of your pieces. I have made the mistake plenty of times where a piece is flipped and I thought that I had forgotten to combine pieces to make the pocket. This top and bottom review is less important if you do not have any pockets… but I still find it is helpful as a final check before going into CAM.

Top View

Bottom View

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