Sep 03 2017

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Beach Party #1

The LBH Sound crew threw our first beach party to celebrate the day The Man burns. We left Richmond in Farfalle Gustose just before 9am and returned a bit after 11am the next day. Along the way we set up our medium sound system of 4 Tubas and 2 QSC KWs powered by a single K2 and run from a Honda 2000i generator. Everything performed perfectly.

Thank you to the 200 or so Burner Orphans from almost a dozen camps and the friends and family who came out to enjoy the fun.

We will be doing this again soon!

And finally… a processed image by Dave Lloyd. I just love this one. It captures the spirit of the event perfectly.

Thank you one and all for a great time 🙂

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  1. Louis Coughenour

    That was a lot of fun!!

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