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Nov 05 2020

Everything fits!!

Also, 68 million citizens voted to uphold White Supremacy and kill as many people as possible from covid. We are doing what Germany did before WWII.

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Oct 30 2020


Still making a bunch of adjustments but… this Bike Party speaker is going to come in around 70lbs. Heavy Weight Sounds.

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Oct 26 2020

Another coat of Duratex

Adding another coat of Duratex to four more cabinets. Life is very very good right now.

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Oct 16 2020

Bike Party 10-16-20

So we are hard at working creating a new speaker for Bike Party events. We are modeling it around the EcoXGear EcoBoulder which we have a number of and love. The main issues with the EcoBoulder are that it is not Open Source and the bass is lacking. We are not called Little Bass Heads …

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Aug 18 2020

Bicycle Thumper – 08-18-20

We are working on a new design that is currently called the Bicycle Thumper.

The idea comes from a number of people in our crew and most actively from Robin and Torben. The design requirements are:

1) Battery powered 2) Mobile 3) Sonically pure 4) Multiple paired boxes

It must play for a minimum of …

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Aug 16 2020

Back at it

Sheri, Torben and Keith jumped back in and helped shorten the frame of the new art. Great social distancing activity on a fantastic night in the Bay Area. Joyous.

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Jul 26 2020

A little solder

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May 15 2020

No middle seam

It sure would be nice if the front of the mask was a single piece of fabric without a middle seam. This would allow for much larger patterns and customized placement of design elements.

Sounds like a fun project. Better get one of my cats involved.

I cut out the two inside …

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May 14 2020

120 hours and the “Jesse Mask“

It’s taken me about 120 hours and I am finally producing masks that I like. I’ve tried well over a dozen designs in addition to the 20-something designs from Tsan and modifications I attempted. At first the sewing and cutting was a challenge. Recently, it has been the fit and assembly process that I have …

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May 06 2020

Florida Prototype 2 Mask – Edit


I simply LOVE Sewstine. She is someone I could listen to for hours. Super sensible and answers all of my questions without me needing to ask them.

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

A worthy goal for a year is to learn enough about a subject so that you can’t believe how ignorant you …

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