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Mar 09 2020

Wheel wells and some bracing

Add the wheel wells and some bracing today.

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Mar 07 2020

Lower frame is completed

Found my stride. Took a few days to raise the top floor and add the side ribs. Vince came by one night and we installed the new brackets for the side walls of the big truck. (We are now ready for the renegades!)

Along the way I cut and added a bunch of bracing …

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Mar 02 2020


Torben came by and helped me work out some technical details. I think his edits are exactly right and I am suuuuuuuper glad to have his thoughts on these modifications.

He cut some of the larger parts and then took off to work on his own art. (Can’t wait to climb all over it!)

Slowly …

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Mar 01 2020

Truck skeleton design – 03-01-20

Here is the current truck skeleton design.

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Mar 01 2020

Attaching the base

So… the base is now on!

And Tsan made a fantastic cake.

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Feb 22 2020

New base frame

Dumped the old truck bed at Sims. Ran over to US Metals and grabbed $500 of new steel. Unloaded the loot and went off to have a drink with an old friend (and ran into an even older friend). Returned to TLR and got to work @ 8. By 1am I had the new frame …

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Feb 16 2020

Bye bye bed

Torben did not come to play. But he did get dirtier than he says he has ever been (hard to believe…)

Bed has gone bye bye. First stage completed. Done. Check.

“See? Easy.” – Surly Store Clerk

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Feb 13 2020

Side panels

To limit our renegade set-up/break-down time, we want to load our speaker cabinets in place and simply remove the side panels when we show up. Our side panels have lived inside the truck which has made this impossible to accomplish.

Jeff came up with a brilliant attachment mechanism allowing us to slide the …

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Feb 11 2020

Build Day #1: Sunday, February 16, noon

What: Begin mutating the 1985 Ford F-250 Diesel When: 12 noon, Sunday, February 16, 2020 Where: Bridge Storage And Art Space 23 Maine Ave, Richmond, Ca. 94804 Who: Anyone who wants to build

So… we begin Sunday @ noon. Depending on who shows up to help, we may get the truck bed off and begin …

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Jan 27 2020

Tasty Humanity

“Food and music are common denominators amongst us all.” – Lori Wolf

We have a fantastic mural on 51st Street in Oakland, California made by Camille Hoffman. Her art “All Of Mankind” is of four women holding hands and bonded together to share a single body. Her piece was inspired by the “All …

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